TEMENOS CoreBanking (TCB) is a contemporary functionally-rich core banking platform, deployed on IBM mainframe technology and designed around IBM’s Information Framework (IFW) industry banking model, to maximise re-use, eliminate duplication and minimise redundancy. TCB is used by the world’s largest mass market retail banks, who given their scale can achieve significant competitive advantage by having total control of their software assets.

It is designed to enable application components to be implemented independently, allowing banks to transition from their evolved, fragmented and highly complex legacy processing environments on a step-by-step incremental basis.

T24 is the world’s most widely used core banking system and provides a technically advanced, SOA-based front-to-back platform for banks in over 120 countries, from small community banks to large retail banks with over 15 million accounts.

T24 is a modular, functionally rich, fully integrated, real-time banking application, that has revolutionised the core banking system industry by removing the need for end-of-day processing and enabling 24/7/365 online operation. The flexible, open technical architecture, combined with the richness of functionality of the solution enables banks to respond to evolving market needs, providing core competitiveness for the future.
T24 is available as a model bank implementation, with pre-configured services and best practice banking processes and workflows built in, to allow for an easier, more cost effective and low risk out-of-the-box implementation; or a more tailored approach for customers preferring differentiation.